Tracy’s newest renovation project is going Hollywood. The main floor of this sprawling U-shaped bungalow in this Oshawa home will be completely revamped into a dream space fit for the A-list, inspired by classic Hollywood Regency. What is Hollywood Regency? It’s a design style paying homage to 1930’s Hollywood, trademarked by the use of bold colours, contrasts, metallics, and mirrors. Each room will incorporate aspects of this timeless design leaving an extraordinary and lasting impression. Here are 3 ways to add this classic look to your home.  


Focal Point, Focal Point.

Classic Hollywood Regency is defined by the eclectic use of bold colours and shades in a single room. Using lots of colours in one space can be jarring, so it’s best to go neutral adding just a small splash of colour. This strategic approach creates a focal point, capturing the eye’s attention every time. It’s important to maintain balance in your space, as a strong use of colour can easily go awry.


Mixing Modern pieces with Old Hollywood.

A modern space doesn’t have to be furnished by modern pieces alone. Nor does an eclectic space have to be furnished with big bulky accents. It’s great to create a hybrid approach, mixing modern with eclectic Hollywood pieces like a traditional scrolled-arm chair upholstered in a metallic leather.


Adding Hollywood-inspired Artwork.

Hang iconic Hollywood artwork in your space! Can’t afford Andy Warhol? Vintage film posters, publicity photos, images of your favourite old Hollywood celebrities can bring the Hollywood feel right into your home.


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Tracy Mullin is a real estate expert dedicated to helping people achieve their real estate and homeownership dreams. She also has a deep passion for design and a knack for elevating rooms into spaces people feel at home in and love. Follow Tracy on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.




Classic Hollywood Regency applied to a modern space. Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess Blog, 2015 ©